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Easy kid lunch ideas!

Regardless of what your kiddos' lunchtime looks like (whether in a classroom, cafeteria or at the home dining table) you will need ideas...lots and lots of ideas! Keep reading for tips you can use everyday to pack lunches your kids will eat PLUS recipes are included at the end of this post!

*Use leftovers like baked potatoes, pasta salad, quesadillas, cheese balls and waffles. Warm or toast in the morning and wrap in foil or place in a thermos to keep warm.

*Frozen yogurt, vegetables & fruit placed in the lunchbox right before leaving the house will render perfectly thawed sides (and many kids like the softer texture of the thawed veggies better-plus there's no aroma).

*Kids like to dip! For a quick ravioli dip, add My Symphony Seasonings' Famiglia Italian organic herb blend to tomato sauce and a drizzle of good quality olive oil. See recipe section below for the ranch dressing.

*Use artisanal breads like Dave's Killer Cinnamon Raisin Bread & Cranberry Orange Snack Rounds then lightly wrap with a damp paper towel to keep them from drying out even if you prepare the night before school!

*Instead of buying sweetened nut butters use a little honey, preserves or crushed fresh fruit to sweeten the 'sandwich' that way you can control the amount and type of sugar.

*Kids love kabobs, but teachers don't like pointy toothpicks (trust me on this ;) so choose appetizer forks, coffee stirrers, cupcake toppers or lollipop sticks from your grocer's baking section.

*To keep banana ends and sliced apples from browning, use Vitamin C, lemon juice or a product like Ball Fresh-Fruit produce protector which contains antioxidants and NO artificial flavors or colors.

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