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Why use organic herbs & spices in my recipes?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In this blog post, I would like to introduce a My Symphony Seasonings' customer to you--Dr. Amy Dayries, is a wife, a mother to 5 wonderful children, an advocate for natural, alternative and homeopathic medicine, a chemist, a dentist and a Fellow in the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

We have all heard that herbs and spices are a great addition to the diet for many reasons. Here is Dr. Dayries' response when asked what is her professional opinion on the health benefits of adding herbs and spices into your diet... "Herbs are a great way to make your food taste delicious, but most important, many herbs offer tremendous health benefits and can even prevent illness. For instance, cilantro is a natural detoxifier, lavender is a calming agent that promotes better sleep and helps ease tension, the capsaicin in cayenne has cardiovascular benefits increasing blood flow to the extremities and has been shown to boost metabolism., to support the respiratory system try adding sage which prevents cold virus' from taking hold or, once you have cold symptoms, add thyme to your diet which naturally helps to ease a cough."

This last point made me curious so I did what any good blogger would do (no, I didn't grab my camera for an impromptu photo shoot-but that's next). I started researching (and by researching I mean I googled 'the healing powers of thyme') and right away I found an article that states, "The herb (thyme) is antibacterial, antifungal and spasmolytic, so it fights agents that cause bronchitis and helps to quell a spasmodic cough. It is also a first-rate expectorant, aiding the body to eliminate accumulated mucus."(1) The lesson for me here is, the next time I make chicken soup during cold/flu/allergy season, I'm adding a lot of thyme to my stock!

My next question for Dr. Dayries was why choose organic to which she replied, "Choosing organic foods is extremely important because of the connection we know between ADHD, ADD, autism, Parkinson's and many other chronic conditions."

For years now I too have read several books and articles that mention a connection between diet and neuro-developmental disorders. This link can be based on several factors including the high levels of nitrogen and metal contaminates found in conventional farming soil.(2) Let's encourage a change in our diets to prevent or at least substantially lessen pesticides and genetically modified organisms from entering our meals by educating ourselves and choosing organic when possible. Dr. Dayries continues by stating, "My Symphony Seasonings is of the highest quality in a product: organic, freshly ground, and are perfect combinations of spicy/sweet/salty/tangy to flavor and wake up many of the dishes you enjoy." MSS also provides super easy and flavorful recipes and ideas for additional ways to use these unique blends of herbs and spices in case you are new to cooking or in a creative culinary rut.

Finally, I asked Dr Dayries what's the best way she knows how to get her family of 7 to the dinner table to eat healthy meals. "My kids are always asking me about the uses of herbs and they enjoy trying the new recipes sent in the My Symphony Seasonings' monthly newsletters. The recipes have piqued the interest of my children who are developing their own sense of cooking styles-which I feel is an important aspect of home life that I hope they learn before adulthood so that they may be able to manage their own healthy households in the future! They are also excited to learn about the many health benefits of the herbs which spurs them on to want to include these even more!" Indeed studies have shown that the more involved children are in their meal preparation, the more likely they are to try and enjoy new, healthy foods which "promotes bone and muscle development, learning and self-esteem".(3) This positive food behavior early on has proved to carry into adulthood not only keeping unwanted pounds at bay, but also "lower(ing) the burden of chronic disease in our society". (3) As we have all heard before, it is important to eat a good variety of nutrient-rich foods daily so why not make them flavorful by adding My Symphony Seasonings' original blend of herbs & spices to your recipes!

Overall, I've read a lot of research based articles like the aforementioned ones that reiterates the antimicrobial quality of herbs and the disease laden toxicity of non-organic farming plus I can taste the added flavor in my meals, so I'm a believer in the goodness of adding quality, organic herbs & spices to my family's diet....

"this is to be my symphony"!(4)

*A special thank you to Dr. Amy Dayries for taking time out of her super busy schedule to interview with me. Thanks for your expert opinions/advice and most of all for being such a loyal customer!

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Disclaimer: Content on this site is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Health statements regarding herb, spice & botanical dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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