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Spruce up your Sparkling Beverage Station:

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Looking for a way to make your beverage station extra special for your guests? Just a few easy additions are all you need to add your special touch!

   The best time saving tip for hosting everything from a simple family dinner to a more formal affair...let your guests help themselves! Not only does this make them feel more at home, but it frees up your time as well and the easiest way to allow your guests to help themselves, is to set up a beverage station. So set out your glasses, stirrers, napkins and your cork/bottle cap removing mechanisms, set out the beverages and then...

  Now for a signature drink: how about an apple cider mimosa topped off with a sugared rim? First dip the rim of the stemware in maple syrup and then twirl it in a shallow dish with a few teaspoons of My Symphony Seasonings' Sweet Harvest. 

 The final touch: keep your beverage chilled by making and ice bucket! This one should be done at least a day ahead. Simply put an empty bottle in a container that's slightly bigger, fill the container with water, insert decorative pieces like these beautiful autumnal leaves, citrus/fruit slices, cinnamon sticks, tree trimmings, cranberries etc. into the water filled crevice between the container walls and the bottle and place  it in the freezer. Finally, when you're ready to use the ice bucket, take the container out of the freezer, place it in a shallow sink with warm water and pour warm water in the empty bottle as well to melt the ice just enough to loosen it. Within minutes the ice mold is free and ready to chill your favorite bottle of champagne, wine, spirits. Place your ice mold on a small glass dish or saucer and don't forget to discard the melted portion occasionally (or better yet, assign that job to someone else). 

Thank you, for the festive linens! 

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