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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Thank you so much for supporting our small business! Your purchase makes dreams come true in so many ways. When you buy our organic blends of seasonings and teas you not only get a great food/health enhancing product, but you are helping others too! To see how every dollar you spend at My Symphony Seasonings helps other read YOU put the 'why' in Symphony!

4 Top Reasons to #ShopSmall for Small Business Saturday

1) Quality Products-Because we believe the quality of our products is a direct reflection of us, we care about offering premium products to you! We search far and wide and we taste different spices, herbs & teas BEFORE we develop recipes and offer blends to you for purchase.

2) Local Support-When you shop at small businesses not only do your tax dollars stay local but your support allows businesses to give back to the neighborhood as well. Simply by being aware of local needs, My Symphony Seasonings' was able to use profits from the month of November to make sure children in foster care would have warm coats & gloves this winter by donating to The Children's Haven.

3) Great Customer Service-When you contact us you get us directly and we want to help you! We love helping you find the perfect gift or customizing our blends to fit your individual taste or health needs (Need a salt free blend?, We can help with that! Read more about it here)

4) Sense of Community-When you get 'vocal on social', everyone benefits by sharing recipes, events, gift ideas and so much more! Every foodie photo you post on Instagram or shout out you give on Facebook brings our #MySymphonySeasonings community together promoting our blends which enables us all to have a hand in giving back while developing our own creative ideas which allow us to bring new meals to our table!

Again, THANK YOU so much for supporting our small business! We have truly enjoyed growing this year, getting our FDA license so we can sell in our online store as well as our local retail stores. But most of all we love getting to know you and working together with you to give back! "This is to be our Symphony" and for you we are most grateful!

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