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Christmas in July!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Find some inspiration for gift giving ideas that are not only great gifts, but earth friendly as well. From My Symphony Seasonings' family to yours; here are a few of our favorite things!


♥ The best Tea Infuser made of food grade stainless steel for maximum durability, rust/stain resistance, dishwasher safe with a basket that's large enough for your tea leaves to unfurl fully allowing the optimum extraction of antioxidants yet the sieve is fine enough to filter out even rooibos! The double duty lid prevents the warmth and the essential oils from escaping while you steep your tea then doubles as a drip catcher when placed under the strainer keeping your linens and granite stain free.

♥ Alternatives to plastic wrap including bees wax food wraps, zippered fabric snack/sandwich bags and cinched produce bags. All are able to seal/store food keeping it fresh without leaching synthetic wax or chemicals onto food plus they are washable and reusable.

♥ Premium quality stainless steel Filter Straws, perfect for 'on the go' tea drinkers, are non-toxic, reusable and Eco-Friendly. Use with our superb loose leaf teas since they fare well with re-steeping; all you have to do is add hot water to your cup, steep, enjoy and add more hot water as needed! Did you know that we offer sample sizes of loose leaf tea too? Try them all to pick the blend that delights you most then order the Refillable Tin to store them in!

♥ Reusable table/kitchen linens made of high quality 100% cotton that is machine washable/dryable with no ironing required. Are you wanting to go paperless? We love family owned & operated Hen House Linens for their durable napery and elegant designs. If you follow us on social media, you will often see their ware in our photos. Our favorite? The cocktail napkin is the perfect size to tuck into lunch boxes or give as a gift for your favorite host.

♥ Chemical free, naturally based, hand crafted soaps & scrubs from Shea Scrubs. Their generously sized soap bars have several bases to choose from like goats milk, plant based glycerin, shea butter, honey and olive oil while their hand & foot scrubs have a coconut oil base and all are scented with essential oils.

♥ Cleaning products that are truly clean...We used Clean Cult products for 6 months before recommending them to others. Why? Because we wanted to make sure that we liked the products and that they lived up to our clean standards! Their wares are "good for you, your home and our world made with coconut oil that naturally possess antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties while presented in sustainable, zero-waste packaging." Click to try it for yourself with 35% OFF!

♥ Of course our very favorite gifts to receive and to give are our very own brown paper packages tied up with string: My Symphony Seasonings' organic herb, spice & tea blends! We have a sample pack which allows you to choose any 3 spice blends in refillable French glass spice jars perfect for a new homeowner, teacher, friend, college student...any time you want to bless someone!

*Disclaimer: Some My Symphony Seasonings' Gift Guide suggestions contain affiliate links. When you buy something through those links, you get great products at a great price and you may even get a discount. We want you to know, however, that we sometimes get a small commission/discount as well. Just know that our suggestions are sincere and never generated by revenue!☺♥

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