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Comfort Meals: aNAANda Lentil Curry

Sometimes comfort foods are steeped in nostalgia, you know dishes from our childhood that denote a simpler time...Recently I made a lentil curry in my new Instant Pot and Mr MSS kept going on and on about how it was truly a comfort food for him! Anyone craving some comfort food right now? We posed the question on social media recently and we are loving the flood of responses and how most of you have said, "My Mama's Mac & Cheese...or My Grandma's Corn Chowder...". Yes, our favorite meals from childhood are oftentimes memories of our favorite cooks as well and what a lovely sentiment! If you are able, please, take the time today to tell your favorite childhood cook how their dish brings you comfort to this day!

Don't see your favorite recipe?

What meal brings you comfort? ☺

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If you would like a printable recipe for these meals, send us an and we would be happy to share with you!

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