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The heartbeat of My Symphony

Don’t just count your blessings, share them...

In this season of gratitude, we want to THANK YOU, our customers, for helping us share blessings! Because of YOUR PURCHASES, this year we were able to love every heartbeat and show it by…

1) Contributing to one of our good customer’s crusade to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in order to benefit Africa New Life’s 2020 Food Campaign,

2) Fulfilling our World Missions Pledge to fight sex trafficking and counsel those affected by it,

3) Presenting several organic tea and spice gift boxes for silent auction events held by both The Children’s Haven-spreading awareness and raising funds for child abuse prevention and by Circle 4 Children giving aid to disadvantaged children in Georgia,

4) Donating multicultural books, coloring books and crayons with 8 different skin color shades that represent our world to free standing libraries as well as to more than a dozen educators,

5) Participating in a virtual baby shower by TPOL’s HOPE center celebrating those who choose life by supplying the center with bottles, pacifiers, washcloths, baby washes, shampoos, lotions and more,

6) Purchasing ultrasounds through Focus on the Family’s See Life 2020 campaign to advocate for life,

7) Giving hope to the world by providing Food For The Poor helping those living in dire poverty,

8) Loving on our educators a little more by supplying small gifts to over 50 school staff members in order to thank them for their essential work caring for and teaching our children,

9) Continuing to support the education and well-being of our sponsor child through Africa New Life Ministries providing uniforms, textbooks, face masks and food,

10) And finally we plan to end the year by spreading warmth-literally by collecting, buying & distributing warm sweaters, coats, gloves, mittens and socks for those in need.

Loving EVERY heartbeat…This is to be My Symphony

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